Survival of the Suitable

Here we go...

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Too Tall. We are in the full swing of prep for our Launch Day in July. It seemed the most realistic time to look at doing it, following the governments road map out of lockdown.

I have been continuing to build a network through the wonderful world of LinkedIn and have met some really inspiring and interesting people, some of which I am hoping will be joining us at the launch day.

The prospectus and flyers are all set to go for printing and, later this week, I will be contacting the Business Managers at the Secondary Schools in Kettering to offer an initial meeting – ‘A Rap Session’ – to present Too Tall to the staff and students. This is probably the most exciting part so far because we get to actually offer the programme to people that will potentially be joining us and we will also be looking to recruit a Maths Practitioner.

Our other main focus will be securing funding. While I contact the NCC to start that process, we would ask if any local businesses would be interested in sponsoring Too Tall? Please get in touch through the website if this is something you feel you would like to support.

Right, that is all of the formal stuff done…

I have to say, since the build up to the launch of the website a few weeks ago, I have felt very nervous about the concept of Too Tall becoming a lot bigger than I anticipated. I absolutely want the project to reach as many young people in our area as possible and I actually wrote a 5 year plan stating, that within that time frame, I want a Too Tall Theatre and Teaching School available in towns across the East Midlands. Lunacy? Maybe. Delusions of Grandeur? I hope not… Can I do it? I am going to bloody well try my best! The thing is, I have never hidden my feelings about the education system. I have never sugar coated my opinions with ‘Old School’ teachers who do things by the book. What I am trying to achieve here is to offer different perspectives, different ways of accessing what is supposedly required to ‘survive’. The problem is, in over 100 years, the concept of what education is has never changed, period. But young peoples understanding, their ability to absorb information, their ability to learn through doing, seeing, becoming… that is what has evolved. Sadly the education system is so behind the times, it is failing our next generations.

The idea of inclusion… fabulous in theory but not even remotely practical or even possible with the current constructs in place for students to ‘achieve’ Do they really achieve? Or are they guided to get to a place the establishment needs them to be? Then put out to pasture and expected to ‘survive’.

Here’s a crazy thought…

What if we taught them to live and feel alive?


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