Stallion - Striving for the future evolution of gaming and E-sports.

With technology, gaming and E-sports being the new norm for so many young people, there are mixed opinions about the evolution of learning. Some argue that this form of education inhibits exposure to the real world, ambition and the age old opinion of working to provide a sustainable income.

However, with a constantly changing world that relies on such new initiatives, it is also an exciting world to explore. One that is consistently moving fast in order to keep up with the ever changing demand and want from its community. One that is a plethora of brand new opportunities for the next generations of young people; both in and leaving education, as well as those more mature individuals who are potentially looking for a new direction. After all, why should it be restricted to a hobby when it is such a wide market?

Marco Galluzzo, AKA ‘Stallion’, is a 30 year old, professional gaming streamer from Kettering who has been working in the industry full time for over 4 years.

He has achieved a combined following of over 350K across all platforms including Twitch, Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. Stallion is primarily an FPS (first person shooter) streamer who believes in positive & upbeat vibes for people's days. Most of his success has been found from Call of Duty.

Marco says, ‘Since starting, I've gained partnerships with ASUS ROG UK, GFuel & Gamer Advantage. I've recently just announced two new ventures to match my streaming journey including my new role as an Associate Lecturer of 'E-sports' for the University of Northampton and DJing/Producing House music. Both of these, alongside gaming, have been huge passions for me for years. I have also just come back from the Insomnia Gaming Festival 2022.’

The E-sports degree, at University of Northampton, includes modules in E-sports Business and Marketing, Events, Broadcasting, and Media, E-sports Coaching, and the Psychology of Performance and Well-being of E-sports Performers.

Stallion’s streams are far from dull. They are full of upbeat, motivational dialogue, comedic moments, action filled game play and a super soundtrack. Not only that, there is a camaraderie within the streaming community that cannot be disputed. It is easy to see how this world becomes all encompassing. That is why there is a significant emphasis, both in the E-sports course, and the gaming community collectively, on the wellbeing of all.

In a YoungMinds commissioned survey by Censuswide (2020), two-thirds (67%) of young people said they would prefer to be able to access mental health support without going to see their GP but half (53%) said they didn't know how else to access this help. Within these communities, it can be seen that support networks form, connections formed with likeminded individuals, teaching the very earliest skills needed for ‘Networking’.

Surely if anything, this advocates that there are brand new opportunities constantly emerging from something that is overtly accused of causing the decline of young people. Something which is contributing to the decline of their generation. What is actually the case is, it is literally capable of the complete opposite.

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