Policy and Protocol? Or Passion and Power?

A fellow teacher once said to me that our job is to keep them captive and babysit them for a few hours as students aren't interested in learning. This raised many questions for me. Not simply about him as a teacher because his results spoke for themselves, but why on earth was he continuing in this manner if he didn't believe in the power and passion of our profession?

In my modest few years as a teacher compared to some, I still feel myself come alive when I am in my classroom and I firmly believe that students will positively feed from a teacher who is passionate about their subject and their job, even those who seem initially disinterested.

Surely it CAN be as simple as finding a way for them to engage with the material? BUT- In a generation of policy and protocol, are teachers more directed to dealing with uniform policy and the immediate removal of problem students (I don't believe such a student exists) from the classroom than being allowed to differentiate and personalise new, engaging and inspiring lessons? - Something that Mr and Mrs Ofsted push us to demonstrate and achieve.

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