Too Tall Theatre Company

For Schools

Too Tall wants to support students from Year 10 upwards who have found themselves spending a lot of time in isolation, being removed from lessons or generally struggling with behavioural boundaries in the classroom.


This is such an important period of their lives, both developmentally and educationally. We hold evening sessions as a ‘Theatre Group’, which we use in an expressive way to explore different life scenarios and discuss how reaction and behaviour can impact students differently.

We also offer this as a 12 week intervention programme where we include practical ways to discover English, Maths and Work Experience opportunities.

School Notebook

For Parents

As a parent, I understand that there is nothing more frustrating than watching your child or young person struggle. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to understand the best way for someone to learn and be able to access different types of material in a new way. 


At Too Tall, we take each students individual needs in to account and plan a learning programme around them. Inclusion is a wonderful concept but sadly it is just not realistic. This is where we can step in and then, when your young person is ready to re-enter their academic journey, they will feel more prepared and we will be there to support them to the end of their journey.

For Students

Do you know what? I hated school and was genuinely branded unteachable. I get it, school’s boring. Sitting in rows, listening while Miss dictates death by Powerpoint. What if we got rid of all of the things that we didn’t like about school, all of the useless information that we will never use again? What if, you got to tell us how you learn best and we listened? Mad, right? Come and have a chat with us at Too Tall and regain control of your learning and your future.


Main Programme

The point of a Too Tall programme is to establish an active way of learning that students are able to transfer into their life and not just to pass an exam. Too many students who are not deemed academically competent are too easily put out to pasture. It is around this point that you will start to see a demonstration of ‘behaviours’. Disinterest, acting up for attention, deterioration in attendance, inappropriate use of language to name but a few.

At Too Tall, we look at how these behaviours have manifested, what they mean to the individual and how we can channel them in a more effective and creative way.

Of course, we understand and believe that qualifications are important. Sadly that is how our young people are judged in society but surely it is our responsibility to make qualifications achievable for everyone? That means we need to make sure that different ways of learning are readily available with equally accessible progression opportunities to all. It’s not rocket science is it!

Image by Nick Fewings


Without a doubt, English is essential and is something we use every single day. We know that not every student learns in the same way. When you make English a practical subject, it comes to life and you see it ignite a student. But I am talking about the English Skills they need to be able to function in a society that isn’t very nice to Young People. Not if they can recite the novels of the 19th century.


Maths is one of those subjects that leaves us scratching our heads. Algebra, Square Roots and Pythagoras aren't relevant to everyone. We focus specifically on the Maths skills that you need to progress through life.

Only a few jobs will ever require you to know Pythagoras, but every job needs you to be able to count to 10. Regardless of how much you hate it, you NEED Maths.


Work Experience

Work Experience

Within a Too Tall study programme, Students will be given the opportunity to access certain work experience placements. This will enable them to achieve the required amount of hours in line with Ofsted guidelines.


Local Freelance Tech Support & Repairs.

‘From Data Recovery to Advanced Repairs, I cover a large range of Tech-Related services.’


Students will be able to gain basic IT experience and understand what it is like to work in a tech-based business.