The Ann Langdon Community Interest Copmany

The Ann Langdon Trust is being set up alongside Too Tall Theatre & Teaching to give all students the opportunity to access new stationery, books and other means of being creative. I mean, who doesn’t love some new stationary right?

The project aims to enable all young people in our community to have access to new stationary and books for learning and creativity. We want to collect donations of books, note pads, pens and other creative equipment to be able to distribute to those in need through the scheme. We are looking to build a collection of equipment to offer available from when we open. This is something that is also going to be available through our school provisions.

"Mum's teaching was always from the heart and she loved every child who came to her Play School. For 16 years, she inspired Artists, Chefs, Engineers and Teachers amongst so many others. Mums legacy is to enable all students to be able to access new stationary and books for learning and to inspire creativity."

-Sarah Langdon

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