Our aim is to offer a creative way of accessing the curriculum they need, including English, Maths and

Work Experience, but in real world scenarios that prepare them for more than just life in the classroom.

It is about learning to be adaptable and resilient in a world that probably hasn’t treated them very well and has only fuelled their issues with boundaries and understanding how to behave. They will leave Too Tall with recognised qualifications that allow them to progress without strict academic expectations.

-Sarah Langdon


Creative Director 

BA HONS Drama and English Literature

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

Sarah Langdon

Sarah Langdon is an experienced Teacher and Practitioner who passionately believes every student is reachable, but it is the way in which they are being reached that is flawed.


Technical Director

Level 3 Performing Arts National Diploma

Aaron Gray

After achieving a Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts, Aaron Gray has worked in the Theatre Industry for a number of years. Since then, he has gained experience with amateur dramatic and panto techs, but noticed something was missing.

“When I finished college, I had to get a ‘normal job’ for a while but spent my spare time involved in Amateur Dramatics. I was fortunate to work through several panto seasons as a Theatre Tech and am now part of the Too Tall team."

"I am able to relate to the students coming to us as I was close to going down the wrong path. But Performing Arts was my choice instead. If we can transfer that in to a new and creative way of learning, we could help more young people potentially change their path for the better. Just like I did”.

-Aaron Gray