"If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid."

- Albert Einstein

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Too Tall Prospectus 2021/22

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Ed Arnold, Media Lecturer

Sarah’s energy and enthusiasm in all that she does is an inspiration to us all. I have had the pleasure of working with her a few years ago when she was an English lecturer. She always went the extra mile with her positive and supportive approach, instilling confidence and success into her students.


Sarah will strive to help anyone and her productive professionalism resulted in very high achievement results with her learners. She was very popular with students, all staff and management alike, and was well admired for her ability to take on new challenges, multi-skills, and her happy, positive attitude and great sense of humour. I would highly recommend Sara to any organisation.

Roxana Seitan, Former Student

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah when I started College in the UK after moving from abroad. She has been by far the best teacher I ever had in this subject - from the very first day she was nothing but supportive and willing to help me achieve my potential.


Sarah's lessons are not the traditional ones where students sit at their desks and listen to the teacher talk, they are interactive, stimulating and engaging. Her energy and passion are remarkable and there was never a day where I wasn't excited to step into her classroom.


Sarah is not just a great English teacher but an amazing and kind person. Her resilience inspired my own ambition and she is a huge reason as to why I am where I am today. I believe she would be an invaluable asset to any organisation and all her future students will be lucky to have crossed paths with her.

Nathan Dunton, Former Student

Sarah taught me back in 2017-2018 in English GCSE and she was such a good teacher for the job. She was very optimistic about English and her pupils and made her lessons more engaging by making the environment of the classroom much more positive which enabled me to feel more comfortable within GCSE English. Therefore, I was able to successfully obtain a grade 4! 

Debbie Briden, Psychology Lecturer

Sarah is incredibly enthusiastic about teaching and learning, and has a passion for making English come alive for learner who struggle. She is approachable and warm, and her students always spoke so highly of her. I would highly recommend Sarah!

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